Ask Your Title Officer


Title Officer: Chuck Bishop | California Title | San Diego, CA

Q: The property is a Single Family Dwelling. However Title is calling it a Condominium. Which is correct?
A. Both may be correct. It is important to understand that in terms of our profession “condominium” does not describe an architectural type of construction. The condominium process is just another way to divide real estate. Regarding a typical tract or subdivision, ownership is limited on the sides by the lot lines shown on the recorded map, but the center of the earth is the lower lot limit and there is no upper limit. When property is divided through the condominium process, a condominium plan is recorded and there is typically a “unit” shown on the plan; however, unlike the lot in a subdivision, the “unit” has both upper and lower limits as well as the side lines. Basically, a condominium unit is a “box,” which could be located ten stories up in a high-rise, or on the ground. Contained in that box, there may be a single family home, a mobile home, or just about any other type of improvement.

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