Ask Your Title Officer


Chuck Bishop | Vice President, Senior Title Officer
California Title Company | San Diego

Q:  We have been asked to complete a “Statement of Facts” with a lot of personal information.  Is this really necessary on our Real Estate transaction?

A.  The Title Company makes every effort to identity know risks which may affect your property.  We accomplish this by researching those “Official Records” which affect Real Estate.  In this way we identify liens, Loans, Conditions, Restriction and many other matters which affect title to the property.  However many of these records do not describe the property, but may still impose liens against the land. This group includes judgments, tax liens, bankruptcies and other documents.   These are often filed against people with the same or similar names to our parties.   The information you provide in the Statement of Facts are personal in nature. But checking social security numbers, date of birth and other information you provide may be the only way to distinguish you from the other people named in these documents. A property completed Statement of Fact will allow us to provide fast, safe and efficient service on your transaction.  Further, this form is kept confidential and is used for Title Company purposes only.

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