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Manny Manuel | Assistant Vice President, Title Officer
California Title Company | Orange County

Q: One of the parties to my closing is using a POA and said it was a ‘military POA.’ What does that mean, and how does it differ from a normal POA?

A: A Military Power of Attorney (POA) is a special form of POA that eligible members of the armed services and some others can use. What makes it special is that the form is exempt from all the various state-to-state idiosyncrasies with which a normal POA must comply in order to be used for a real estate transaction. · The principal must be on active duty in the armed forces, a person eligible to receive legal assistance (for our industry purposes generally this means immediate family members of the active duty personnel) and civilians and military contractors who are currently stationed outside of the United States. · The POA must be notarized, the notary must be a judge advocate, a civilian attorney serving the armed forces as a legal assistant, all adjutants, assistant adjutants and personnel adjutants, any member of the armed services who the particular service says can be a notary, and additional members of the military and Department of Defense who the Secretary of the Department of Defense designates can be a notary when outside the United States. · The idea behind the Military POA is to make it less difficult for our active-duty defenders to conduct their civilian affairs so that they can concentrate on their duties. Title Resources supports our troops and salutes their sacrifice and selflessness, and we are happy to assist service members and their families in any way we can. Call California Title to address any questions to the use of a Power of Attorney.


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