For April, we are proud to introduce out of our Los Angeles office:

CTCM April Elvic LA


Elvic’s employment with California Title be­gan in April 2002. His experience in the title industry goes back to 1994, where he held positions such as open orders, searcher, examiner and customer service representa­tive. Prior to working in the title industry he was a manager of various retail stores as well as a district manager of a known chain store. Elvic services all customers with ur­gency because he knows that “time is gold” for all customers. Elvic stated that “ If you work with California Title , always be ready to give and service the customers with urgency and care, because at Cali­fornia Title we want our customers to have A1 results”. In his free time he enjoys playing the guitar, singing and composing for church especially on Sundays where he is the choir director of St Peter’s Italian Church in downtown Los Angeles.


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DIRECT: 844.544.2752 | EMAIL: cs@caltitle.com
CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS: MON-FRI | 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

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