Ask Your Title Officer


Chuck Bishop | Vice President, Senior Title Officer
California Title Company | San Diego

Q: The “owner’s” title insurance on our home was issued through your office. The value of the property has increased due to construction done last year. Can we get additional coverage for the new value?
A. One way we can help to address this situation is by a “reissue” of the owner’s coverage for the higher value. This may be available provided there has been no change of ownership. The process can also be used to change the form of coverage. One example is where the original policy was CLTA Standard coverage. However, now the property qualifies for the more comprehensive “ALTA/CLTA” Homeowner’s policy. In each case, all the usual “title” concerns exist. It may be necessary to provide an appraisal or other material supporting the new value. Post-policy matters such as easements or restrictions would need to be shown on the reissue policy. In addition, taxes and possible mechanic’s liens will have to be addressed. Each case is unique. Contact our Title Department for help with your situation.


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